Humans are the most prevalent race in the Twin Kingdoms. Traditionally the people of the Twin Kingdoms have been rather exclusive to other races, especially to those who follow the path of Nondala. Today, it isn’t unheard of to see other peoples in the great cities of Harmona and Sephora, however by far humans outweigh all other minorities combined.


Physically, humans look similar to people of our world. Noble blood lines tend to favor a pool of other families allied under the same patron family; because of this distinct appearances distinguish the upper class families from one another. The lower classses, however, marry however they wish and a wide variety of characteristics can be found in them. Generally, humans grow five to six feet tall and weigh anywhere from 120 to 300 pounds (the people of the nobility an merchant classes tend to weigh more than the working class.) The human lifespan is steadily rising due to advances in medical technology – currently the average is 60 for the working class man and 75 for a nobleman.


Humans value society, technology, and progress. They also have a deep rooted devotion to tradition as well – so deep in fact that the judicial branch of the government is controlled by the Templara Zenir, who decide how to enact the traditions of the Temple as law. Many customs in daily human life are based around ancient habits passed down through generations. These traditions have merged with the modern innovations of the industrial age to create a truely idiosyncratic culture.

Playing a Human

Playing a human character is an open ended option. Humans are so versatile that they can adapt to many different roles and posses any number of personalities. Whatever they are, they always bring a penchant for ingenuity to their job, seeking ways to be more effective and convenient.


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