Campaign Overview

Centuries ago the great Kingdom of Nil split into two sister countries, the Kingdom of Harmona and the Magiarcky of Sephora. In the many years since the division both countries have prospered and society has refined itself to ever loftier peaks. Today the cities of the civilized world buzz wwith technology and many live in middle class comfort.

However, conflict stirs under the calm surface. Harmona wages war with the heathen Flange Wilds, expanding the country’s grasp on the soil underneath the feet of the native peoples. The king has traveled to the fronts, leaving his son and heir to hold the throne in his absence. Thus is the state of affairs when the adventurers start their journey- with a war taxing the country and a boy prince in the throne, every high noble sees his chance for ultimate control.

Twin Kingdoms is a campaign setting that I am developing in hopes that I can run it with my group one day. It is designed to be very open ended, and where the story goes is completely based on player decisions and actions. At the same time, I dont want the game world to feel too shallow, so Im establishing this wiki so that I can flesh out the world. someday, when I run the campaign, the people playing with me can use this as a resource to better understand the world too.

Table of Contents

Twin Kingdoms